Timesaver:Calc for Tax UK

Manual calculations are time consuming - time which could be used more profitably elsewhere. Timesaver: Calc for Tax is designed expressly to assist anyone who must manually calculate Gross to Net and Net to Gross figures for payslips or to check P45s. It instantly removes the need for tax and NI tables and produces a printed payslip on standard A4 paper. Packed with features to make your day to day payroll so much easier and save time and money.

England Scotland and Wales 2016/17 £29.30UPC753677549760



Real Time information (RTI) support

When you buy Timesaver:Calc for Tax you also get a copy of Timesaver:RTI. This fully featured software allows you to submit you full payment submissions (FPS) to HMRC over the internet, with a click of a button. Click on the ‘Read More’ link below for more information about the different types of submissions and features this software has.



I’m a big fan of your software it does exactly what it says on the tin. Also love the net to gross feature that even complex payroll systems can’t manage. - Ann-marie Robson

Timesaver:Calc for Tax Ireland

Taxation and statutory deductions are complicated in Ireland, would you believe we have been able to fit all you need into this small package. You don’t need to switch between HR and payroll everything you want to change something, everything you need is right there on one screen.

Ireland 2016 £20.51 UPC753677549777



This brand new version of Timesaver:Calc for Tax Ireland will allow you to calculate PAYE tax, USC and PRIS for Ireland and print stunning payslips on plain A4 paper.




One of the beauties of the software is the simplicity, so why change this? - James Reilly

We cannot do without your software. - Khaliq Merchant

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